Joshua Thompson

636 Holly Drive · Gainesville, GA 30501
678-343-9119 ·

Director of Courts Information Systems for Northeastern Judicial Circuit in Hall County and Dawson County in northeast Georgia since February 2007.

Dedicated, hard-working information technology expert with over 20 years experience in the information technology field.  Director and manager of small team of individuals providing stability, guidance, and leadership.  Quick learner with an aptitude for retaining and applying knowledge obtained.



Courts Information Systems
Northeastern Judicial Circuit
Gainesville, Georgia
March 2007 - Present

Database Administrator

Management Information Systems
Hall County Government
Gainesville, Georgia

Duties include database and application analysis; administering and maintaining the document imaging system (OnBase by Hyland Software) for Hall County and making changes as required. Oversee the Hall County Comprehensive Justice Information System (i.e. CJIS) which is used by law enforcement and courts personnel. Other databases including the county’s Tax Assessors Personal Property,Geographic Information Systems (i.e. GIS), Tax Commissioner, Business License, Building Inspections, Landfill, Fire Services, and Animal Control databases. Administer and maintain the county backups of all servers located in the Hall County Management Information Systems server room. Included in this function is a periodic check of the backup data to check for data integrity and validity. Manage a team of three people (two application programmers, web developer) providing for a healthy, high morale, and “team player”environment. Other benefits of managing include watching employees grow in both skill and overall effectiveness of job.

October 2004 - March 2007

Application Developer

Management Information Systems
Hall County Government
Gainesville, Georgia

Converted an Oracle 7.2.3 Database with a COBOL application front-end to an Oracle 8i (8.1.6) database with an Oracle Developer 6i front-end. This application serves various Hall County Government departments allowing for a seamless and fluid transaction from the time of an offender’s arrest to his or her court date. This application consists of 5 different subsystems. These subsystems (i.e. Criminal, Civil, Financial, Records Management System, and General Reports) must be inter-connected to allow for all departments to operate at peak efficiency. Maintained the Hall County Detention Center’s offender-based electronic photography system, allowing for a digital image of an inmate to be stored in a central computer system (i.e. database). This provides the ability for visual identification of any inmate at the time of his or her booking by any department. Upgraded an Oracle 8i database on the DG/UX platform to an Oracle 10g R2 database on Red Hat Linux Enterprise Linux release 4.0.

July 1999 - October 2004

Computer Technical Support

Management Information Systems
Hall County Government
Gainesville, Georgia

Trained as a technical support apprentice with Hall County Management Information Systems. Set up Personal Computers (i.e. PC) with the correct network settings and installing/setup of a terminal-based emulation package (SmarTerm Office) which was needed after the county phased out 500 thin client workstation terminals. Provided support for end- users by fixing software problems (e.g. forgotten passwords, driver incompatibilities, and Windows Registry problems) and diagnosing malfunctioning computer hardware. Documented and installed networking devices located around the county; including 10BaseT/100BaseTX bridges and switches, 56K and T1 routers, 802.11b wireless bridges and fiber optics network transceivers.

September 1996 - February 1999


Gainesville State College

Associate Arts Degree
Political Science
May 2005

Gainesville High School

College Preparatory Program
Technical/Vocational Program
August 1994 - May 1998


Programming Languages & Tools

Training & Certifications

  • Received an “Excellence at Work” award in recognition of valuable contributions to Hall County Government in January of 2005.
  • Completed the following Oracle Education Classes:
    • Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL
    • Oracle Developer: Build Forms I
    • Oracle Forms Developer: Build Internet Applications II
    • Oracle Developer: Build Reports
    • Enterprise DBA Part 1A - Architecture and Administration
    • Enterprise DBA Part 1B - Backup and Recovery
    • Enterprise DBA Part 2 - Performance and Tuning
    • Enterprise DBA Part 3 - Network Administration
    • Data Modeling and Relational Database Design
    • Oracle 9i Designer: First Class
    • Oracle Discoverer 3.1 User Edition Training
  • Completed the following MSDN / Microsoft Training Courses:
    • Administering a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database (2072)
    • Introduction to Visual Basic .NET Programming with Microsoft .NET (2559)
  • Red Hat Certified Technician:
    • Red Hat Linux 9 - August 15, 2003 Certificate Number: 609003046707267